Designed and manufactured a tea steeper. Stainless steel parts formed through extrusion and threaded on a lathe, perforated on a mill. Maple wood disc formed on a wood lathe. Fulfilled the main assignment for ME 203, “Design and Manufacturing,” at Stanford University.


Walnut Serving Bowl

Turned a bowl from a 6″ x 6″ x 6″ block of walnut. Features a subtle, linear slope on the exterior and a traditional bowl interior, with a non-uniform, wave-like lip.


Crate&Barrel Embrace

Developed a concept line of tabletop items for Crate&Barrel called Embrace, featuring simple, smooth curves for easy handling. Designed and built a napkin holder as the flagship product of the line using stainless steel sheet metal and 3/4″ maple wood. Pieces were formed using a sheet metal roller, vise, and bandsaw, among other tools. Other items in the product line were rendered using SolidWorks. Fulfilled an assignment for ME 115B, “Product Design Methods,” at Stanford University.


Messenger Bag with FlipCase Accessory

Sourced the material for and sewed together a two-layer, zero-waste messenger bag modeled after Rickshaw Bags’ “Zero” Messenger design. Rapid-prototyped accessory ideas, finally settling on an iPhone/card/key holder that lets the user quickly flip these essential items in and out of the bag. Fulfilled an assignment for ME 115B, “Product Design Methods,” at Stanford University.


City Hall Architectural Model

Designed and built the model of a contemporary, forward-thinking city hall. The structure would comprise a multi-purpose green roof to keep indoor temperatures cool and promote healthy behaviors among employees. The building would also feature large panes of glass to communicate to the public the transparency the government strives to achieve. From a bird’s eye view, the city hall resembles two intersecting triangles, symbolizing the desired bipartisanship within government. Fulfilled an assignment for ARTSTUDI 160, “Fundamental Visual Language,” at Stanford University.